THE FUTURE PRESS RELEASE: Your Guide to Idea Validation and Reverse Engineering Product Success

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Amazon has launched some of the most successful products and services of all time, resulting in $524B a year in annual revenue.

What's their secret to success?

What if I told you Amazon’s secret to success was writing a “Future Press Release?”

A future press release is Amazon’s way of reverse engineering a product and writing it into existence. Through this process, Amazon saves countless hours and likely millions of dollars when you account for everything that goes into the product-building process.

Jeff Bezos himself initiated the practice of future press releases, where teams are required to write press releases before launching a new product or initiative.

It helps leaders and entrepreneurs refine their vision and define clear goals, requirements, and objectives while empowering their teams to embrace and overcome the challenges ahead.

They use it to roll out new products, undergo major internal transformations, and penetrate uncharted markets.

Remarkably, before any coding begins, Amazon developers must write a future press release.

In this guide, you'll learn how to write your very own future press release to validate your ideas and reverse engineer product success.

This guide is perfect for bootstrappers and startup founders who want to validate their ideas and launch a product. The future press release is an exercise that enables you to write your dreams into existence.

A future press release will help you:

• Validate your ideas
• Crystalize your vision
• Reverse engineer a startup or products success
• Save you thousands of hours building a product no one uses
• Help you pitch ideas and raise money

What are you waiting for?

Download today, crystalize your video, and validate your ideas like never before!

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A guide to the process Amazon uses to reverse engineer products and validate ideas that results in becoming one of the most successful tech companies of all time!

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THE FUTURE PRESS RELEASE: Your Guide to Idea Validation and Reverse Engineering Product Success

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